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Welcome to my solar. My name is Aisling, the lady of this castle.

You will notice you are now at the top of the castle - that is what gives this room its name, the Solar - we are nearest to the sun here than anywhere else.

You can get to the roof from this room, by the little staircase hugging the wall over there.

But for now, come and sit on a bench with me so we can talk. This isn't just a bedroom, you know, we use it for all our social visits as well. Not for feasts of course, the great hall's for that. Do sit down. There are two new cushions here today that my ladies and I have finished embroidering, would you like the one patterned with knotwork, or the one showing a dragon?

I'm glad the fire is on today as the wind is chill. Tonight we may need extra woollen blankets from the chests we keep up here. Some of these chests are very old, but one over there was a wedding present carved by a very good friend.

Well, what can I tell you first? You already know my name is Aisling. I am very much in love and married to a sensitive and intelligent man to whom I am wonderfully suited.

You can get to know me well just by browsing the rooms of my castle, Caer Afanc.

the blue dressA few odd points of interest: I am at present working on a very extended story set in 11th century Wales. History is a passion of mine, particularly anything between about 100 AD to 1400 AD. I also love to draw, and very soon you should be able to see some of my work in the gallery here. Rossetti is one of my favourite artists.

The most important thing to me is my relationship with God. He is a truly awesome person to know and has completely changed my life. It is really exciting knowing that the Creator of the universe has got your future planned to a more exciting storyline than you could ever think of!

Well, thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the castle.


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