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the garden

window outside My garden is where I grow herbs for medicinal and culinary purposes. If you wish to explore you will also find flower gardens, vineyards and orchards. And of course there are fields, where peasants till the crops for the us and grow their own also.

Herbs are a wonderful gift to a lady's complexion, as you will see on the Tree of Life...

Herbs are also a wonderful restorative to body and soul. The queen of essential oils is lavender, effective for burns, pimples, and cuts, also for muscular aches and strains, to rub on the glands for flu and other illnesses, and to help you sleep. It is a medicine chest in a bottle. Eucalyptus is also one I would not be without, good for muscular problems, flu and colds, pimples, nasal congestion, and the immune system!

If you look carefully around the garden and are very quiet and friendly, you may find my cat, the white goddess with no mouth, Hello Kitty. Or come out to the cliffs outside the garden walls, and if you're very lucky you may see my puffin friends, flying and swooping in their own comical way.

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