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Carefully she drew a line of purest red,with a tiny brush of softest horse hair. She drew it along the outline of her lips, smooth and precise. She coloured her lips in the same red, regulating the evenness of the pigment in the brass mirror before her. Her cheeks, nose, forehead and chin were lightened with powder, and now she selected another small brush and shaded her eyelids to emphasise her eyes.
From bottles on the table she chose a blue-coloured vial and applied the highly scented oil to her neck, wrists and cleavage. Her toilette completed, she placed all the cosmetics in her small chest and closed the lid.

He frowned; his eyes were beginning to cloud from the concentration he had been directing so constantly to the sheets before him. He lay the bundle he had been studying down on the bench and rubbed his eyes with thumb and forefinger, trying to clear his mind. He sighed, got up and went to the window, where it was clear that the brightest noon sun had passed some hours ago, although it was still quite light. He remembered Eve and a small smile formed on his face. He turned away from the window and back to the bench, taking the sheaf of notes and putting them away neatly, making sure everything was in order before he left the room.

'Ruben.' He heard her voice - they had met in the corridor and she approached him, her dress and wrap both of deep green fabric that touched the floor. She took his hand in both of hers and asked, 'are you coming?' Her eyes seemed to search for something in his face and he, not understanding the meaning of her look, said a little shortly, 'Yes,' as a slight confusion rose in his eyes. She realised she had unsettled him, and looked down quickly, feeling silly for letting her urgency show. She smiled nervously and said, 'Oh, good - I'm glad -' and added, referring to the unsaid interchange a moment ago, 'don't worry.'
He still looked faintly confused, but followed her willingly down the corridor to a room, where she shut the door and drew him to a couch underneath the window where the last vestiges of light caught the cushions.

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